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Organza Bags filled with Petals

Our Ivory Organza Bags are the modern alternative to the throwing cone and come prefilled with Rose, Hydrangea or Bougainvillea petals in the colour of your choice.

Organza Bags Filled with Petals

Organza Bags Filled with Petals
  • Organza Bags Filled with Petals
  • Organza Bags Filled with Petals
  • Organza Bags Filled with Petals

Price lists:

  1. Organza filled Bags
  2. 5 Organza Bags of petals Buy£19.99
  3. 10 Organza Bags of petals Buy£39.99
  4. 15 Organza Bags of petals Buy£59.99
  5. 20 Organza Bags of petals Buy£79.99
  6. 25 Organza Bags of petals Buy£99.99
  7. 30 Organza Bags of petals Buy£119.99
  8. 40 Organza Bags of petals Buy£159.99

Why have your Rose, Hydrangea or Bougainvillea Petals presented in Organza Bags:-

The throwing cone is somewhat boring these days, it's also messy, what with guests droping the petals before they even get the chance to throw them over the bride. Our super convienient organza bags are colour coordinated to suit and provide plenty of petals for a couple of handfulls.

Organza is a very delicate, silk-like weave that makes it the perfect table decoration for weddings.

Less work on your part as the petals are pre-packed in ornate organza bags for you to distribute as you wish.

Our Organza Bags measure 12cm across and 17cm high.

Organza Bags

Important Information

Depending on the size of your order and the availability of your chosen petals/colours, it's important to allow as much notice as possible. We recommend at least 5 days in advance of your function date to be safe.

However, saying that please don't let this stop you from getting in touch and trying, as this is only a guideline and levels of stock vary from day to day.

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